How Rick Astley Became More Popular Now Then Ever Before

I never really new Rick Astley when i was growing up. All I really remember is that my aunt (who passed away with cancer) loved the song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Back around 2007 there became a meme called the Rick Roll. I immediately recognized the song as the one my aunt used to listen to when I was a kid and it really brought back a lot of fond memories of my aunt so the song was pretty emotional to me in that way but also when I really listened to the song it was just such an emotional song that I appreciated it for what it was.

There aren’t many songs to me that deserve to stand the test of time but “Never Gonna give You Up” is a song that has such emotion to and it’s so catchy that I can understand why it has stuck around for all these years. Very few songs are able to stand the test of time. To me, Wonderwall by Oasis is another song that will go down as one of the greatest songs ever.

It’s been so amazing that a new generation of people get to appreciate what music of the 80’s/90’s was like. Rick seems like one of the most humble musicians out there. I can understand it might be hard to be humble when people are only wanting to hear one of your songs when you’ve made an entire career making music but people just want that one song. It’s very cool that he doesn’t mind giving the people what they want. I think most musicians in that situation would be like fuck you I have 20 years of songs go listen to the other music I make!

For someone like me who lives and breathe the music business, I appreciate everything Rick has done for the business. He is a talented guy and more than just a one song pony. The guy can sing all these years later and has never lost a step. That says a lot about his work ethic and his talent.

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