Band Watain Thinks Death Is Funny

A photo has recently surfaced of Watain giving a Nazi salute. I don’t know or care who Watain is but this popped up all over my Twitter and I had to talk about. I absolutely love what I do for a living because I come across so many amazing and nice musicians that we really feel like a family. Our love and respect for the business is so amazing to me. But, every now and then I come across complete morons and this is one of those times. I don’t even want to look up their music because they don’t deserve a penny from me. I refuse to even click on any of their websites or social media. They deserve nothing.

The band has decided to part ways with the member who gave the salute but they’re only doing that because of the bad publicity surrounding the band. They didn’t care all that time ago when they took that picture. They didn’t care anytime in between then and now. Not until people backlashed and ranted that they decided to do anything. They also defended it by saying it was freedom of speech. DO NOT support this band at all and if they want to give you bullshit about how they fired that person from the band do not buy into that bullshit. They only did it now because they’re in hot water and they want people to keep supporting them. Nope. We’re not stupid. We will not support anyone who thinks death is funny.

I’ve met hundreds and maybe even thousands of bands in my life and NONE of them would do anything this stupid because they love and respect the business. If you do not respect the business then I do not respect you. I’ve never been afraid of a fight. I’m a nice guy until some idiot band that nobody even cares about comes along and decides to have a laugh at people dying. Then you will have picked a fight with the only music news website that you do not want to mess with because I don’t have a boss telling me what to write. I don’t need to hold anything back. If I want to tell you that I hope you get lit on fire then I will gladly do so because if you want to come along and disrespect the music business and put a bad name on the business then I will call you out because I know you don’t have any balls. When you disrespect the business you disrespect me and all my friends who love this business and that’s when you make an enemy out of me.

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