Why Katy Perry Was Wrong To Kiss American Idol Contestant

I’ve been flooded on Twitter by people telling me I need to write about this and I’ve seen others tell me this was consensual and these people clearly don’t understand what consent means. Yes, I know that the contestant went on record to say he was fine with it but he also said it made him “uncomfortable” and he never actually said “yes”. Two big words that are very important in this situation since people want to try and present facts that mean nothing to me. Allow me to school every single one of you out there on what consent is.

If I took the bus (which I always take to get to work) and I took it upon myself to get up and kiss all the pretty girls on the bus and they ended up liking my kiss and not have a problem with it. Does that make it right? Should I keep on kissing every girl I see since I’m a good kisser? No because that is non consensual. Also, if the roles were reversed in this situation and you had a 35 year old guy kiss an 18 year old girl and he pressured her on TV for the world to see I guarantee you he would be called a rapist and a pedophile by almost everybody.

The contestant also thought it would be a kiss on the cheek until Katy took it upon herself to move her head and kiss him on the lips without him knowing what was going to happen. It amazes me how the network and so many people treat this like a joke. You see all the judges jumping for joy and clapping. You have fans all over telling me this was consensual because he went on social media and said he was okay with it. Just because someone is okay with it doesn’t make it right. That is NON consensual. The fact that I even have to explain what consent is makes me feel like I’m talking to children. I don’t like to think I’m a very smart guy but you guys make me feel like Einstein sometimes.

At the very least Katy should apologize.  The fact that she has carried on like nothing happened pisses me off. As far as people wanting her to get fired I don’t know if I want to go that far. What she did was wrong know doubt but hopefully she’ll learn from this experience and be smarter about her future decisions. I don’t want anyone to be out of a job and I know that someone like Katy will recover easily but I would only recommend firing her if she continues to play the role of a hooker. Getting paid to kiss people is not your job description hun. Focus more on the music and less on the STD’s

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