Woahh Vicky May Be The Most Annoying Person On Youtube.

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this story. I wanted to save this blog for tomorrow but I realize I should write this out while it’s fresh in my brain. Thanks to Pewdiepie for bringing this girl to my attention. I normally don’t like to bash kids but sometimes they need a dose of reality and at 17 years old she should be smart enough to know that you can’t just wake up one day and say you’re black or chinese or spanish. That’s….not how it works. Not at all. The best part is that she says because she read her ancestry test online she’s going full force with being black.

This honestly reminds me of the comedy skit that Smosh made back in the day. Where Ian tells Anthony that his last name Padilla is a mexican name because of the “illa” part. Anthony takes it seriously and says he is now mexican and he starts going full board hiding buritos in his hat and pretending he doesn’t understand what Ian is saying because he only speaks spanish. This is literally that video but in the real world. That’s what Woahh Vicky reminds me of. Don’t worry I’ll get to her god awful “music” career in a second.

I want to compare this to Danielle Bregoli. I don’t agree with Danielle’s actions involving multiple crimes and bad behavior but I will say that she doesn’t come across as fake to me. She is who she is. She’s also a KID only 14 years old who I believe will grow and learn. She doesn’t come across to me as a bad person just a kid who is making bad decisions. I’m not excusing anything she’s done but she has dreams. She has goals. She’s made people laugh. She wants to have a career involving helping people in some way. There is definitely good inside her. At least that’s how I feel about her. Only time will tell whether she proves me wrong or not but for now I’m giving her a pass because we all do stupid things when we’re kids. Give her time to grow up and learn. When it comes to Woah Vicky she comes across as completely fake. I don’t believe that even SHE believes anything she says. Every word that comes out of her mouth makes it seem like she just wants attention.

The girl is whiter than me. My favorite part is when she said on Halloween that since people want to put on blackface and insult her people that she is gonna dress up as a white woman…what do I even say to that LOL. What do I say!!???? Let me take you on a journey. Stay with me. Let’s say that I woke up one day and because some online test said I am 1% black I go full board and start claiming that I am black. I start talking a certain way. I start dressing a way. I started saying “power to the blacks”. Wouldn’t the black community be insulted by me? That’s how I feel. I’m pretty sure they’d consider ME the racist by basically mocking them by going around and saying YO SUP MY D-O-DOUBLE G’S. I have friends who are part black and none of them start using stereotypes. I know MANY black people that don’t talk like “yo my dawg let’s head to da crib in da hood gizzle my sizzle dizzle”. Why is it that whenever a white person wants to be black they never talk normally or dress normally? You can be proud of your black heritage without using stereotypes. That’s an option ya know!

And finally Vicky’s singing. I used to hate sitting in front of class when I was in school because the sound the chalkboard would make when it was scraping against the board made me want to jump off a bridge. Vicky’s voice is worse than that! Please. Stop making music. All the dislikes on your videos and all the people telling you that you should stop aren’t bullying. Those people are trying to help you from embarrassing yourself more than you already have. Normally I don’t like to tell other musicians to stop making music because I respect the business but clearly you don’t. If you did you wouldn’t be picking fights with EVERYONE. So, since you don’t respect the business that means you don’t respect me or my friends and I can’t just sit back and let you disrespect me or my friends. Therefor, I am glad to tell you to not only stop singing but to stop being a racist piece of trash.

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