Both Hedley And Their Fans Are Idiots. Is Sexual Assault Okay?

I’m sure by now you guys have heard about the sexual assault allegations so I won’t bore you with repeating the details. I tried very very hard to ignore this story because I’ve written a lot of sexual assault blogs and I didn’t want to keep repeating myself on how wrong it is for a musician to sexually assault women. But what really pisses me off about this story is the fact that Hedley give no fucks at all about what they did. All they’ve been saying is “we’ve let people down” “that’s how the business goes”. So much bullshit like that. It’s disgusting. You rape someone and then say how you let them down? Awesome. Unfortunately for Hedley and their fans I’m the only music news website that isn’t afraid of a fight or to call people out. Let the rant begin.

Let’s start with not even acknowledging the allegations. Hedley has not said directly whether they did or didn’t do it. I know for a fact they did and don’t give me some bullshit excuse as to why they didn’t. A little research and anyone with a brain can see clear as day these allegations are most likely true. Trust me I’m not afraid to call out women for lying about rape if I feel like their story is bullshit. The #MeToo movement is real and anyone lying about rape will definitely hear from me. All Hedley has said is that they’re sorry they’ve let people down. Really? Really!? I’m sure if Bill Cosby was your lawyer you might get away with that one but in the real world there are consequences for raping someone. It’s not a game of fucking checkers. “Oh, I lost the game. Sorry I let people down.” You committed a crime. You hurt someone. Not just one person but multiple people. You wanna sit there and tell all of us “sorry for letting us down”? Tell that to a judge and see how that goes.

LET’S MOVE ON to the the rest of the band. Not just Jacob. All of them. I’ve heard stories of how they protected Jacob while he was raping women at concerts. Not letting even the security into the dressing room while Jacob was in there with women. Not only do we have one retard but we have a whole flock of retards who all cheer on their buddy as he rapes an underage girl. AWESOME. I’m going to assume they are in the church of scientology and this was taught to them by whatever god those people believe in. I don’t care whether it’s Jesus or the kool-aid man. Get it through your brainwashed mind that helping your buddy have sex with underage girls makes you just as bad as the person who did it. I don’t care what your excuses are. “living the rock lifestyle” that’s how you said it right? I’ve been friends with rock musicians my entire life and NONE of them have ever raped someone and said “that’s the rock life ya know?”. Take your guitar and smash it over your head. If you’re lucky maybe it will knock some sense back into you.

LET’S END WITH THE HEDLEY FANS! It’s one thing to enjoy a band’s music but it’s another thing to still support them after these allegations. Those of you sticking up for them. Going to their shows. Buying their albums. Buying their merch. You…are…idiots. Every single one of you. You are supporting rape. There’s no other way to put it. You are paying someone money and cheering them on as they rape underage girls. Awesome. I wouldn’t be caught dead supporting anyone who rapes people. If I liked their music I would rip it off a website and download it. They wouldn’t deserve a PENNY from me or anyone else.

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