Why Music Can Save Lives And Make Them Better

There are many times in our life where music can not only make us feel good but help with a bad day or when we’re angry or sad about something. Especially if you have a mental illness like I do. I’ve lived and breathed music my entire life. Many times it was really my only friend when I had nobody. My family wasn’t there for me. My friends weren’t there for me. Every girlfriend I ever had cheated on me. It was me against the world for many years of my life. Music was the only thing that kept me alive. Without it I honestly probably would have either killed myself or hurt myself in some way. Listening to Skye Sweetnam and Kate Todd when I was a teen made me feel good inside. I know I’ve talked about how I grew up with metal and hard rock music but when I was feeling down I had a soft spot for those two women. Although, now Skye is currently in Sumo Cyco which is a metal band but back then she was a pop/rock singer.

I spent most of my time either going to concerts, hanging out with bands, or in music stores buying new albums. Throughout my life I achieved so much because I was always about proving people wrong. I became an actor when I was told I couldn’t do it. I became a freelance writer making a good income when I was told my writing would never get me anywhere. I became the host of many successful podcasts when I was told I had the voice that could kill people. I became a fairly popular youtuber when I was told my content was awful and nobody would ever want to watch me. I worked hard for everything because I wanted to prove everyone wrong. That brings me to this website. I gave up all that stuff because I simply got tired of them. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and then I had the idea of starting up a music news website because I knew that nobody in the music news niche had the mindset that i did for the business.

Music is more than something pleasant to listen to. It IS life for me. I share a passion for music that musicians do and that’s why I’ve always been able to connect with musicians. Even when I did acting I never really connected with anybody. I always felt more of a connection to musicians because I’ve personally seen musicians out in the cold for hours just to get a few dollars all because they wanted to get as much of an audience as they could. I’ve seen musicians go without food or a bed to sleep in because they sacrificed everything for the music. I respected that. Now with the internet it’s so much easier for musicians to do their own thing from at home which is super cool but I’ll never forget every musician I came across who overcame hardships to take a chance on themselves because they believed that they deserved a chance.

Musicians nowadays certainly still have hardships just not so much out in the cold anymore. Now it’s overcoming being a online presence in a sea of talent. It’s hard to get your name out there when thousands of new musicians upload songs everyday. I mean, who is gonna listen to you? Who is gonna care? Unfortunately, there is no secret to success on the internet. Despite what these hack news website want you to believe. I have seen the greatest and most talented musicians in the world have 3 followers on twitter and then eventually just give up because nobody knows they’re even there. And that truly pisses me off when I hear these god awful singers on every radio station when they can’t even go a single song without using autotune because they know they couldn’t hold a candle to any of the 3 twitter follower indie musicians that I can find on the internet. Little Jimmy whose only 3 views come from his family who can can perfectly hit any note. Any pitch. Knows the ins and outs of the music industry like the back of his hand and yet he can’t get a following. It’s people like Little Jimmy that make me smile with their music. Not any of these autotune trash bags.

I’ve heard stories from all over the world of people being saved because of a band or musician. One person was about to take her own life when she heard a Disciple song on the radio and realized there was so much to live for. That is what music is all about. Music is not about breasts and nudity Mr. Grammys President. I made this website because I simply love music and I want to help those little musicians who don’t get the chance they deserve. I want to give back to those musicians who made me who I am today. I have an agenda. To make the music industry better. How about we start with not objectifying women. How about these big labels start hiring females based on their talent. Not how hot they look. It’s ironic when the music industry is not even about the music anymore. These smaller artists are the ones keeping the business alive while Wes Scantlin is too busy getting drunk to even realize he’s still in the music industry.

The next thing we need to change in the music industry are the lies. These news websites want to pretend everything is sunshine and rainbows so they can suck up to the corporate suits and get free stuff. THEY are just as much of the problem as the corporate suits themselves. Feeding the machine is what is making this business worse. They want to turn a blind eye to what is going on and then spread that bullshit to their viewers on their blogs. They want to talk about how sexual harassment isn’t a problem. I can find many musicians who would love to disagree with that. Tell that to the women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed by people in their label. Instead of standing up for these women you silence them by spreading lies on your website so you can get free tickets to an Avril Lavigne concert.

Music is what keeps us going. It’s what drives us in every aspect of our lives. There is a trend lately of popular musicians starting to stand up to the corporate suits. We need more of that. Now more than ever. It starts with them. It’s starts with new management. It’s starts with indie musicians. It starts with my website since I’m the only one with the balls to call anybody out. It starts with MUSIC.

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