Counterfeit ‘Together We Are Stronger’ Album Review

Once upon a time when I was a popular Youtuber I used to often do album reviews and people loved them. I was originally going to do them when I started this website but for some reason never did. I want to start though and this is the right time. Counterfeit is a band I recently came across and instantly was a fan of their music. There’s not much information about the band (or maybe I didn’t look hard enough) but they’re a new hard rock band who just released their first full length album last year. I love their grunge sound. I feel like they’re a mix of Nirvana, Oasis, and a little Skillet. I don’t know if Counterfeit classify themselves as a Christian rock band but a lot of lyrics on ‘Together We Are Stronger’ were very Christian-esque underneath the swearing.

The album starts off with ‘Washed Out’ which I actually think is the best song on the album. It’s the perfect one to put at the start. It’s heavy hitting and right in your face but also very catchy. This song has a clear influence of punk rock. The album does a good job of continuing the grunge/punk rock. ‘You Can’t Rely’ is by far the most Skillet sounding song on this album. You can’t listen to it and not think Skillet. I like the song but I feel like it was really out of place on this album. I’m all for slower songs to wind an album down from the heavy stuff to give us room to breathe but this one felt really bizarre on a grunge/punk rock album. I would have accepted it more if the album wasn’t mainly a grunge/punk rock album but it felt like a chicken instead of a turkey on thanksgiving. Like…what? It really felt like they did that song specifically to have it played on mainstream radio stations because it was just so out of left field from their sound on this entire album.

You guys should check out Counterfeit if you’re a fan of the heavier rock music.

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