Pink’s Daughter Helps Raise Money For Charity

arrives at the premiere of Disney's "Alice Through The Looking Glass" at the El Capitan Theatre on May 23, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

While Pink is out touring the world her daughter decided to set up a candy stall to help raise money for charity while mommy was busy. I always get scared when kids are brought into the spotlight against their own will but at least this headline is a good one. You never know what crazy people will say online to someone’s kids so I’m a firm believer in trying not to show off your kids too much when you’re a top celebrity. But that being said of course you’re gonna be proud of your kids and want to show them off every now and then.

Pink landed into some hot water when uploading the pic to her Instagram when she ended with the hashtag #DontTellTrump because it’s the internet and people will defend their beloved Trump. If you want to support Trump that’s your choice and I’m not going to tell people their wrong for their beliefs but one of the best comments was one that said “Why would you not tell trump you’re doing charity work?! He loves charity and giving to the needy. You’re so brainwashed you don’t even know what your president’s about. What a shame”. I’m sorry? Trump loves doing what? Are we talking about the same Donald Trump or were you having a medication side effect? Apparently getting people killed, being racist, being sexist, being an ignorant retard is okay as long as you give money to charity. I’ll remember that.

Recently Pink delivered an amazing performance of the national anthem while she was sick. She felt bad about it but we were all sitting at home going DON’T BE SORRY YOU FUCKING NAILED IT BRO. Pink 1 Fergie 0. Willow seems like a really happy kid and that’s awesome. One of these days she’s going to be in the music industry. Even if it’s not singing I feel like she can learn a lot about the business with having Pink as your mom!

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