Ellie Goulding Calls Out Grammys President

During her acceptance speech at the Brit Awards Ellie Goulding made it a point to lay a pipe bomb of her own which was directed at Grammys President who claimed that women need to step up if they want to be relevant. “I think we can all agree that we’ve been stepping up for years!”. I’m gonna have to get my lawyers and sue for gimmick infringement because normally I’m the one who calls people out in the music industry lol. I love Ellie! She’s a total sweetheart and one that I agree with on this matter. I’ve already made my thoughts known about the Grammys president calling out women. The music industry is so rigged. It’s why I don’t watch any of these award shows. The corporate suits decide who to put in the spotlight and then have the balls to say whoever they didn’t choose needs to step up. It’s a joke.

It’s why I love doing what I do because I get to see for myself the sea of talent that these female singers can bring. It’s not about the looks. It’s about what they can do. They aren’t given as much opportunities with their real talent alone. Usually the ones in the spotlight are told to be sexier or show more skin or be something they’re not. I want to support the women who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Who are given the freedom to do so. It honestly makes me mad when I come across musicians that can easily out-sing a Christina Aguilera and most certainly Fergie. That’s right. I see you Fergie. Loved your version of the national anthem by the way. It makes me angry when I see musicians that are better singers than any top tier musician in the spotlight yet they have 3 followers on twitter and maybe 20 on facebook. It breaks my heart. It’s why I started this website. To give those awesome musicians some recognition because they deserve much more than 3 Twitter followers.

I appreciate people in Ellie Goulding’s position who aren’t afraid of a fight. Who aren’t afraid to speak up on behalf of all the female singers who are treated like garbage in the music industry. Somewhere down the line the music business stopped being about music and we need to bring that aspect back!

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