Video Games Are To Blame For Parkland Shooting Says Idiot Brian Mast

I really did not want to talk about the Parkland shooting. It was too painful for me. However, Brian Mast sparked anger in me that I needed to let out. It isn’t just him. It’s everyone like him. People who get their facts from Wikipedia. As someone who has a mental illness and is an advocate for mental health awareness I needed to make people understand that they are nothing more than idiots if they believe that video games and movies and music are to blame.

I’ve listened to “devil” metal music my entire life. I’ve played shooter video games my entire life. I’ve watched serial killer movies since the age of 3. I’ve never had the urge to go on a killing spree. I’m sick and tired of people saying that mental health is the problem for all these murders. The funniest thing to me is that we (people who have a mental illness) are always told we are making it up. It’s all in our heads. We need to suck it up, buttercup. Yet, when a massive shooting happens these people say “see, I told you those mental illness people are crazy!”. They want to pick and choose when they believe mental illness is real. This is what happened with 9/11. “you can’t trust those arabs!”. So because a few crazy people did something tragic you have to automatically assume that everybody who is the same race is just as crazy? Am I the only one with a brain!? I feel like I’m trapped in a sea of idiots and I’m drowning.

Brian Mast and people like him are looking for reasons that aren’t even there for why someone shoots up a school. They want to pick and choose. The most amazing thing is that these people don’t even try and hide their hypocrisy. Are you actually gonna stand there and tell me you’ve never listened to music or played video games or watched a movie in your entire life? Go fuck yourself you political piece of garbage and go fuck yourself to anybody out there who judges others for doing the same things that they do.

Now let’s talk about the real story at hand…THE PARKLAND SHOOTING. Or maybe Brian mast forgot all about it in the midst of his anti video game rant. This was a tragedy and I’ve been seeing tweets from teens at that school when it happened and it breaks my heart. They lost their friends. They lost their family. They lost their classmates. They lived through a nightmare and all people are doing is talking about how Pantera and Metallica are to blame. Are you for real!? If you guys really want to make a difference how about you educate yourself on what mental health is. Clearly these people don’t know the first thing about mental health and need to be taught what it is. How we feel. What we think. Spoiler alert: we don’t think about shooting up a school.

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  1. My biggest retort when people say that nonsense about video games causing killing sprees is, what about WW1 and 2? What about all the killing before games were even created. They literally have nothing to do with one another. You are either predisposed to wanting to kill others or not.

    1. yea exactly there is absolutely no evidence to back up these claims that playing Zelda will make me want to cut someone up like they’re Ganondorf

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