Drake Has The Best Marketing Strategy For God’s Plan

If you’re ever going to come out with a new song you want to market and promote it the best way that you can. I feel like this is probably the best marketing strategy that I’ve seen in awhile. Awhile back we talked about Demi Lovato lying to her fans to get views on her song “Sorry Not Sorry” and I fucking hate people who lie to their fans. I’ve never really been a fan of Drake or his music. Nothing personal it’s just not my type of music but even he had me waiting for this song to come out. That says something.

I kept seeing videos after videos of him going around giving away money to different people for different reasons. He gave bought groceries for people in a grocery store. He gave  $50’000 to a student for her scholarship. With his God’s Plan video he gave away a million dollars to people. What I really appreciate about this video is that the reactions are genuine. These aren’t hired actors that he paid to fake cry for a video. Drake really went out and did these things for people. It’s really cool. I never knew much about Drake but I can respect him after seeing these things.

Drake is one of the most successful rappers in the world. In the God’s Plan music video I’m not sure if he really went behind his labels back and did this or that’s just another marketing strategy to make people think he’s gone rogue but it’s still awesome. I know Drake has skipped the grammys to make a statement that they are basically worthless and I couldn’t agree more so maybe he has really gone rogue and is rebelling against the corporate suits in the business who try and control and manipulate the artists. It’s why I support indie musicians. I love the ones who think for themselves and don’t just say “yes” to get ahead. I’ve even watched musicians that I used to respect become sellouts. That’s not a term I like to throw around very often but I call it like I see it. When you talk about how you’re all about your fans and you’ll never change but do exactly that when a corporate suit throws money at you that makes you a hypocrite. When you become unrecognizable…when you change your clothes….your music….your way of life…that’s a sellout. When you unfollow all your fans that you swore you would never unfollow on twitter that’s a sellout. When you do whatever it takes to get that spotlight by stepping on people that supported you….that’s a sellout. I can’t respect you anymore when that happens.

I can honestly say that Drake has earned my respect and I look forward to what he does next.

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