MissGucciWitch Sexual Assault Story/Interview Update

So many of my loyal supporters wanted me to interview MissGucciWitch. I posted a blog about this situation. Giving my brutally honest thoughts. Anybody who knows me knows that I do not condone sexual assault of any kind. I am not one to shame victims for speaking out or call them liars. But with this story there was so many plot holes and things that made me strongly feel like something didn’t add up with MissGucci and her story. Regardless, I decided to reach out to her because I wanted to give her a platform to speak on. I wanted her to tell her side of the story while I asked the tough questions. I’m as honest as it gets. I told her straight out that I wasn’t trying to ambush her or set her up or make her look bad but I was gonna ask tough questions because I’m not afraid to speak my mind and I don’t throw softballs. I simply wanted her to debunk the plot holes in her story and show me and all of us that she isn’t just doing it for publicity.

She has replied back to me with a absolute no. I was a little sad about it because it would have given her a real chance to show her side of things. This platform is different than any other platform. TMZ, Youtube. All those platforms that she went on were people waiting to chop her head off. On my platform people know me. People respect me. People know that I don’t have an agenda. People on here wouldn’t be chopping her head off. This is a place that I’ve built myself on a foundation of respect for others and I want people to show others that respect. My audience knows this. I have interviewed the biggest musicians in the world and I’ve been the only one to ask real questions. I’ve been followed on twitter by these same musicians because they respect what i do and they know I tell it like it is. I give praise where it needs to be and I’m not afraid to call people out when it needs to be done.

I feel like the reason she declined is because she knows that I’m not lying when I say I’m as honest as it gets. I told her that directly. If I was a liar I would have sweeted her up and told her things she wants to hear. I didn’t do that. I told her straight out I’m allowing her a platform but I’m gonna ask the tough questions because I don’t throw softballs. I’m not Michael Strahan. I feel like she knows I did my research. There are certain things she never mentioned on social media because she doesn’t want people to know. Like those texts that her friend showed about that night with Enzo where she said it was mutual and not rape. Or about the fact that before this whole Enzo thing even happened she talked about how she was raped by someone else and described how exactly the rape happened and it was the same way that Enzo allegedly raped her. There is so much more plot holes with her story. I’m not one of those people that defends the men who are accused of these things but I just wanted her to debunk these things. She admits to being in mental institutions and a ton of different meds for her mental illness. Could that a play a factor in her memory being a little spotty? I forget things because of my depression/anxiety meds too. Just come out and explain these things. What you don’t do is make a video giving half facts and then a week later make a new video explaining more things that still don’t explain what we want explained. Let someone like me ask the real questions that all of us want answered, If you want to clear your name once and for all I’m the best person to help because if you can answer all my questions you will have covered everything that people don’t believe you on.

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