TIRED Of The Music Industry Covering Up Sexual Assaults

Stella Parton was recently talking about Kirt Webster. Who is a Nashville publicist that was accused of sexual assault. She mentioned how Country Music does nothing about these kinds of things. It gets blown up on Twitter. The business suits claim they’ll look into it but nothing ever gets done. I wanted to give my thoughts on this because I take sexual assault allegations very seriously. Stella isn’t wrong but I want to make it a point that these kinds of things happen in the music industry. Period. Not just Country music. I’ve been involved in the music industry long enough to hear stories like this from any genre of music. That’s why I always try and talk about the cases that I hear because I want people to know that this happens and the music industry tries to cover it up and defend the ones being accused of assault. I’m a firm believer of innocent until proven guilty but I always call it like I see it. If you have a controversial history and you act like an asshole then I’ll probably believe the women accusing them of it. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll scream guilty but I use my brain to look at all possible reasons for who could be telling the truth.

Women are treated like shit in the music industry. Absolute trash. Obviously, there are females in the business who actually do have labels/managers that care about them but the majority of the top corporate suits could give a fuck about women as people. I don’t count the suits who want women for their looks so they can sell albums and make money. I mean the suits who actually care about these women for their talent and see the potential in them as artists. Very few of those suits exists but they are out there. The labels that do treat women well are usually ones that are started independently by certain musicians/bands. Because they understand what the business should be and they care about the MUSIC. I respect anybody who cares about the music. If you’re in the music business and only care about money then you need to get the fuck out because YOU are the problem. You are the reason I started supporting indie artists who have to sell whatever they have in their house just so they can save enough money to buy a guitar or take singing lessons. The artists who go outside in a blizzard winter storm for hours just so they can make $5 and use it towards equipment their music. The artists who sacrifice sleep, food, relationships because they love what they do. Those are the artists that I respect.

I’ve seen so many talented women treated like shit by their own labels because they don’t want to dress like sluts. They don’t want to dance all sexy for the camera. They don’t want to have sex behind the scenes with their bosses. They just want to make music. All because these women stand up for themselves and say NO they are punished. They are made to not only feel worthless but are left broke because their label screws them out of money. On social media whenever I’m listening to an awesome female fronted band all I read are comments about how hot they look or how they probably sucked dick to get their popularity. Does anyone ever listen to their music? When did the music industry stop being about the music? When did female fronted become a genre? Why can’t we just call them by their band name? Do you even realize there are other people in the band who work just as hard as that female singer? I’ve always been someone who fought strongly for gender equality. I still fight for it. I want women in the music industry to not be treated like sex objects when they are not okay with it. I want the music industry to stop protecting the men who do it. Stop sticking up for your own kind and think for yourself about what is right and wrong. Don’t just watch it happen and do nothing because they are your work buddies. YOU are the problem. YOU are just as much to blame as the person doing the assault if you watch it happen and stay silent.

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