Drake Gives Miami School $25’000

What would you do if Drake rolled up to your school and started having a random party? Apparently Miami Senior High School got to taste the D. I don’t know a whole lot about Drake. The only headlines I’ve read of him are him in some kind of drama or beef with other people. I tried to avoid him because I got the feeling he was just looking for trouble. Before I get a ton of hate comments already, I’m not saying he is like this. I’m saying this is the impression I got after reading nothing but him getting into fights or verbal altercations. It didn’t really make him look good and I try and stay away from those kind of musicians.

When I saw the video of him partying it up with kids at the school he just seemed like a guy trying to have a good time. I’m sure he gave people a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives. What really got me is people are writing about this as if nobody at the school knew this was happening. Did the staff not know about this? Aren’t artists legally supposed to give schools a head’s up about things like this? I’m not entirely sure. I just thought the school had to get a notice because it would disrupt class time and get in the way of staff trying to get their jobs done. Also, who would clean up all the trash afterwards? Either the school knew about it or Drake and his team went solo. I honestly hope not. Even if you can do it you probably shouldn’t. Nevertheless, Drake decided to donate $25’000 to the school and offered to help design new school uniforms. It’s really awesome for him to do that and I always enjoy hearing these kinds of stories rather than the drama bullshit that I try and keep off my news website.

Drake also gave a concert at the University of Miami and awarded a student a $50’000 cheque for a scholarship. The only thing I ask is can a brother get an impromptu cheque? If Drake ever reads this feel free to slide into my dm’s. I’m just saying. I got a pair of sexy pajamas and I’m not above sending you a picture. Come get some!

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