Jumping On The Paramore bandwagon!

For many months I’ve made people angry when I told them I did not listen to Paramore. If you’re a fan of rock or pop music and don’t listen to Paramore you’re basically a Hitler supporter. There was never any reason I didn’t listen to Paramore. I just never bothered. People also have to understand that in the span of a week I probably listen to over 100 musicians for content on this website. I’ve come across many amazing bands that I’ve totally forgotten about because I consume so much music that I only remember the ones that really stand out to me. On my spare time I only listen to metal/hard rock. The only time I listen to other genres is specifically for content to write about. I respect and appreciate all kinds of music. I can listen to any genre and enjoy what I hear but my main choice of music is hard rock and metal and I typically don’t go out of my way to seek out other genres if it isn’t for this website.

So here we are. After hearing about this invincible band called Paramore I’ve finally given them a listen. For many years I’ve had to put up with people calling every female rock/pop singer a Paramore ripoff. I didn’t know a whole lot about Paramore but the toxic fanbase they have absolutely did not help me wanting to listen to them. I’ve been saying since I started this website that one of the first things I look for in a band is their fanbase. A lot of times when I see toxic fans that usually indicates that the toxic starts within the band. This isn’t always the case but when you’ve been involved in the music business like I have you see a certain trend. When the artists cause drama or think they’re better than everyone usually the negative fanbase will follow them. There are toxic people in any fanbase but when it’s a huge and overwhelming amount of negativity is when I get concerned. I’ve made so many friends with talented musicians all over the world and every single one of them that is a female singer has had to put up with being called a Paramore ripoff simply because they had breasts and sang the same genre of music. It pissed me off personally because I know how hard all these women work and I know how talented they are. To see a flood of thousands of people calling them paramore wannabes is something I took personally.

I don’t remember how but I came across a video one day that someone made of a Hayley Williams compilation. It was times where she got angry. My first thought was “oh here we go.” However, it wasn’t her just taking tantrums or spreading hate for no reason. It was her simply speaking her mind about things and defending herself and her band. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see that. She came across, to me, as someone who just tells it like it is. Which is exactly how I am. I didn’t know her or her band at that point but I grew to respect her. One of the videos was her telling the camera man to follow her band and not just her because it wasn’t the hayley Williams show. That actually made me laugh out loud but I respected so much that she said that because I would have said the exact same thing if I was in her position. That compilation video was what made me respect her and if you guys know me I like to start my music adventures with respect towards the band. I love bands that respect the business and respect their fans. You can be the most talented musician in the world but if you’re an asshole I refuse to support you.

This brings me to recently where I finally listened to Paramore’s latest album “After Laughter” on Spotify. Keep in mind that I have not listened to anything else that Paramore has done. Except a handful of songs that other bands have covered. I loved this album so much. The dance/pop/funky vibe made me want to take my clothes off. Is that weird? Probably. It made me feel good though! I’ve seen a lot of Paramore’s fans bash the album because it wasn’t the oldschool rock/pop Paramore that they love. Since I’ve already talked about Paramore’s toxic fanbase I think you guys can understand I can’t take these comments seriously. All bands want to evolve. You have to evolve and adapt otherwise you’re just coming out with the same album every few years. To me, this is Paramore wanting to expand and do something different. At the end of the day it’s their band. They can do what they want with it. If Paramore wants to do country songs leave them be.

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