‘Women Need To Step Up’ Grammys President Is An Idiot

I sent out a tweet the other day saying how I didn’t give a fuck about the Grammys. I wasn’t taking anything away from the amazing artists who work hard to get there but I don’t see a point in watching someone else win an award. After the President made this incredibly stupid thing about female musicians it makes me loathe even thinking about the Grammys anymore

Anybody who knows me will know that I define myself as the anti news website. Sometimes that confuses people. How can I be an anti news website if I’m a news website. Allow me to explain what that means. Most news websites out there are corrupt. Even the ones who aren’t corrupt often have some sort of agenda. There are some awesome news websites out there who aren’t like that and generally do love the music industry but even they have a boss who is a little uptight. You can’t work for them unless you have the greatest writing skills since Stephen King. They also don’t bring personality to their blogs or articles. It’s the same robotic nonsense that I expect from a business. I don’t like any other news website because I like to think I’m one of a kind. People all over the world and musicians all over the world respect what I do because I’m so different. I bring personality. I bring enjoyment. I speak the truth because I don’t have a boss telling me what I can and can’t say. If I want to tell Logan Paul to go fuck himself I can do so at my own leisure.

The point I’m trying to make is I hate corporate politics. The music industry is something that I love. I’ve been involved in this business for a long time. I know the politics that come along with it. I despise the corporate suits in the music industry because they take advantage of hard working musicians. I can go into so much detail about how and why but I’m going to save us a lot of time and ask you guys to simply Google search these things and you will find it. I hate the music industry corporate suits mainly because they choose who they want in the spotlight. Regardless of talent or lack thereof. They decide who THEY want to be in a big position but then they have the balls to say “well…the women should step up”. He also started talking about Taylor Swift which just made me even more angry than I already was. He mentioned how it wasn’t Taylor’s year or some shit like that. I’ve never been a big taylor fan before her latest album but it’s clear as day that SO MANY PEOPLE loved Taylor’s album. You guys saw the video I made of different musicians who covered taylor’s songs off her latest album. I have never in my life seen SO many musicians post covers almost immediately after a song is released. I only showed 2 or 3 but I found a few hundred covers right after Taylor released her latest songs. That shows me that not only do people respect taylor as a person but they respect her as a musician. It’s one thing to say there were other musicians more deserving this year. But to downplay Taylor and literally name drop her like that was such a douchebag move.

originally people thought I was crazy for being a music news website and not giving a shit about award shows. Like I said, I’m not like any other music news website. I don’t write about things just to get views or be the #1 trend on a website. I write articles that mean something to ME in hopes that other people will enjoy them as well. After this President’s comment I bet people are now understanding why I shouldn’t be watching this awful nonsense on my tv when I could be watching a Jenna Marbles video on Youtube.

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