Reba McEntire Is The New Face Of KFC?!

In a very bizarre move, KFC has chosen Reba Mcentire to play Colonel Sanders in their new campaign. I love me some Reba. She’s talented. She’s funny. She’s well known. She’s well respected. She can pretty much do it all. I think this was a good move even though it seemingly came out of nowhere. I guess KFC has not seen Dolph Ziggler play the Colonel. Or maybe they have and that’s why they wanted someone else.

Before I even saw the commercial I knew that Reba would have a ton of fun with it which would make us have fun. I was right because people all over the world are talking about. I don’t know if anyone else would have generated that kind of buzz. Reba fits the part so perfectly. It’s like this campaign was made for her specifically. Which very well could have been the case. I don’t know much about KFC so correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think anyone else has sang while playing the colonel. I’m not sure if anyone would have the balls to pull it off. I’m not sure if anyone else could fit the part. You can have any other big name take that spot. Sure, it may be talked about if the person is a celebrity but will it make sense for them to be the colonel? Will it feel genuine and not just feel like a ploy to feed off the celebrity status of that person? Probably not. This campaign didn’t feel like they just wanted a big name. It felt like they also cared about what kind of person they wanted and not just a “let’s get the biggest name so we get people talking”.

I’ve never really been a fan of country music but now I appreciate all kinds of music and I’ve always respected Reba. She’s talented in so many areas. I also loved her show “Reba”. Pretty sure I’ve seen every episode like 10 times each. She just has that fun personality that makes her so relatable. I’m pretty sure if I met her in real life I wouldn’t be like “OMG IT’S REBA!” I feel like I could just have a normal conversation with her. Those are always my favorite kind of public figures. For anyone who hasn’t seen the video I highly recommend you check it out! Congrats to Reba!

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