Enzo Amore’s Rape Accuser Is Insane

I would never EVER call a woman a liar for rape allegations. They are normally something I take very seriously. However, this story really pisses me off and there is so much shit to talk about in this article that I don’t know where to start. Enzo Amore is a pro WWE wrestler who was fired recently because a woman made allegations that he had raped her. Originally WWE had suspended him. I agreed with the suspension because the company didn’t want bad publicity. They fired Enzo because apparently he never told police about the ongoing investigation. NOT because he was found guilty.

I wanted to look more into this woman because I wanted to see who she was. Where she came from. She goes by missgucciwitch on Youtube and twitter. Anybody who watches her videos can see she has problems. She’s been to rehab 8 times. She’s admitted to lying about multiple things. Someone who claimed to be her friend also revealed text messages that she sent him. These were not photoshopped or edited in any way. It was all in real time. He showed text messages SHE sent him bragging about how she had sex with Enzo and the next morning said she was sleeping beside him. In the texts she repeatedly uses the words “fucked him”. Not raped. If someone was raped they would not use the word fucked.

MissGucciWitch also has changed her story on multiple occasions. TMZ let her tell her side of the story and she says completely different things than she posted on Twitter. I don’t mean minor details that a person could possibly forget or confuse. I mean major plot holes in her story. Originally I didn’t want to allow her past to cloud my judgement. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m honest and fair. My first thought was that it is possible for a rapist to prey on someone who has these past issues because they would feel it’s easier that nobody would believe the victim. But this woman has not only changed her story multiple times but has admitted to lying about many things including faking a pregnancy.

I don’t like Enzo Amore as a person. He’s kind of a jerk but for someone to ruin this guy’s entire career for publicity is insane to me. I’ve been a supporter of the me too movement and women like this are the reason that rape victims are not believed. The fact that she brags about how she’s for the me too movement makes me want to vomit. There are millions of people who don’t believe her. There is so much evidence against her case. I would never want to come on here and say that a woman is lying about being raped. I am not the only one who feels strongly that this woman is clearly doing this for publicity. Her youtube videos have basically 100% dislikes. At least her latest video anyway. That should tell you something. She tried to get this guy in jail. She got him fired from his job. This is way beyond making up a rape story. She ruined someone’s entire life. For what? Publicity? I am furious not just for Enzo but for all the women who speak up about their rape story. This is why people don’t believe these women. You get one retard out of a million real victims and people will say “well that one woman made it up so they must all be doing the same”.

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