Ed Sheeran Gets Engaged And Women Around The World Are Sad

Sorry ladies. The man that everybody loves is officially engaged. I’ve built up a good reputation for being the coolest music news website on the internet. I do things my own way. I’m as honest as it gets and what I’m about to say will probably get me a lot of angry comments. I know nothing about Ed Sheeran. I’ve never listened to his music. I don’t like to copy and paste facts from Google about his life because that would make me like every other music news website on the internet. I have heard people all over the world talking about him though. I have met so many musicians through this website have told me they love Ed Sheeran. The respect and love he has from everyone makes me respect him. I don’t even have to know his music to know that he is one of the most talented people in the mainstream scene right now.

So why did I write this blog? Anybody who knows me will know that I don’t like to clickbait. I don’t like to talk about things just because it’s popular at the time. I wrote about this because there has been so much negativity in the music business this week. We need something awesome to make us feel happy again. This story made me smile because Ed is someone who people look up to so highly. I want people to be inspired by this. Inspired by someone they admire.

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