Folk Singer Ryan Fox Releases New Album Tip Of The Iceberg

If you haven’t listened to Ryan Fox you’re missing out on some awesome music! He has a powerful voice and brings a poetry style to his lyrics that give them meaning rather than the generic lyrics we hear from a lot of musicians out there. Ryan puts thought into every song he writes. Lyrics have always been the biggest thing for me. I can appreciate songs that have emotion to them. With the release of Tip Of The Iceberg he steps up his game once again. I believe this is the first album where he included a live version to a song. The album opens with the song “Big Time” which has an upbeat catchy tune to it. The first song is always the most important one on an album. You want to hook people in and help them understand what they’re about to be in for. Big Time was a good choice to put at number 1.

This album has a good selection of both upbeat and slowed down songs. variety is always a good thing because I’ve come across a lot of albums from musicians where an entire album has the same sound. I understand why this happens but it gets overwhelming to. I get burned out after a few songs and need a quick break. Having variety on an album makes it so much easier to digest as a fan of music.

I feel like I got a lot of Johnny Cash vibes from this album. Which is awesome because he had a way of getting people to hang on to his every word. He captivated you. You felt like he was not only singing but singing to you. That’s how I felt listening to Tip Of The Iceberg. I would highly recommend this album for a good time. Especially if you’re having a bad day and need some music to cheer you up. This is the best album has Ryan has done so far and his other albums are really good. For only $5 you can’t go wrong so pick it up RIGHT NOW by clicking here:


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