Anonymous Person Gives $100 Million To Mental health Research

I know many of my loyal supporters come here for music blogs but this is something I really need to talk about because I already recorded next week’s podcast and didn’t wanna wait 2 weeks to talk about this. History has been made! An anonymous person has given CAMH a donation of $100 million for mental health research.

As some of you may or may not know…I suffer from mental illness. I have anxiety and depression which have affected me for so many years and ruined a lot of my relationship with friends, family, and even ex girlfriends. I work hard every single day to stay happy by using tips and tricks I’ve learned from so many amazing people. Music is the biggest therapy for me and has been my entire life. If it wasn’t for certain musicians helping me through hard times I probably would have been so far gone in depression that I would be unrecognizable to myself and the people who know me. I’ve finally been able to silence the voices in my head trying to bring me down everyday. I try my best to rub some of my happiness over to people who need it. Whether I do it with humor or inspirational posts or I share a new band for you guys to enjoy. Mental Health is not an easy thing to live with and I know that first hand.

There are people who suffer from mental health problems that need more than tips and music. There are people who need medication. There are people who need therapists. There are people who need doctors. Not everybody can afford these things or has the access to these things. This donation is the largest donation in Canadian history to go to mental health research. This will help so much to give people the help they need and deserve. This is one of the rare times I wish I could track down someone who wanted to remain anonymous with a donation because I want to put a face to the person who changed so many lives for the better and for the future of humanity.

I watched the video of CAMH making the announcement and I teared up a little. I hear so much of these stories about people donating to cancer or MS. I feel like a lot of people don’t take mental health seriously or believe it’s a real thing. So many times I’ve been mocked or laughed at by people (especially businesses) because they think mental health is made up. “You want a day off work because you’re sad? Get your ass down to work or I’ll fire you!”. That is a line that perfectly sums up the fact that people think we have an on and off switch and we choose to be depressed. Fake a smile is not something I want to do when I want to kill myself Mr/Mrs boss. It’s a reality. Instead of getting to know us and understand what mental health is you want to tell us if we don’t smile every second we are at our job then we’ll be fired? Why do you think we want a day off when we are having a depression day? But…you told us we have to come to work for a stupid excuse so how do you want us to smile? Some of us literally want to kill ourselves. Some of us are literally planning on how to do it. That is a mental health fact. We try and explain our problems to get it off our chest but you won’t listen because we’re “making it up”. This ends up making our situation worse because we feel more alone than we did before we tried to make you understand what we’re going through. Thanks for shutting us out.

All I want is for people to realize mental health is real. It is serious. It’s not made up. I don’t give a fuck about your business. I don’t give a fuck about your money that needs to be made. I care about my life. I care about the lives of other people who have a mental health problem. People want to talk about gender equality or equal rights towards race and religion. Where are the equal rights for people who suffer from mental health? We get mocked and laughed at everyday. And then when someone kills themselves people finally realize there was a problem. It’s sad that people have to die in order for others to listen.

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