Joy Frost Releases First Official Music Video For “If I Leave You”

I had the pleasure of coming across this lovely musician on Twitter the other day and I noticed her mentioning it was her first official music video and I was just happy for her as a musician. It’s always a big deal when you achieve certain milestones. I had no idea who she was at that time but I decided to listen to the song and I had a lot of fun listening to it. It just made me feel good. Joy is a passionate singer and I was even more amazed at the videography and editing that went into it. For most people I’m sure it’s kind of a weird thing to point out but when you’ve been involved with the music industry as long as I have you start appreciating the little things that go into making a song or video. Maybe I’m just crazy. How many of you out there say “damn, the mixing on this track is on point!” while you’re listening to a song? Okay. I’m just crazy.

I’ve listened to many of Joy’s songs and I can tell she loves to sing. I always sound so stupid saying that singers love to sing but I see so many musicians phone it in just to get views or a pay and I will never stop hating it. The first thing I always notice when I come across a new musician is who they are as people. Wanting genuine people who have respect for their fans is a fair thing to ask, I think. It’s one thing to hit a bump in the road when you’re just tired from not sleeping or working yourself way too hard. I totally get that. It happens to all of us. It’s a totally different thing when you clearly don’t appreciate what you do or appreciate the fans who support you. I’ve briefly talked to Joy on twitter and she seems like a lovely person. She told me it took her over 30 hours to edit her music video which sounds terrifying.

Joy wrote her first song at the age of 2 and performed at the age of 3. I didn’t even know how to write until I was 20 so WTF? I wonder what she sang about at 3 years old. “my mommy’s spaghettiiiii  is really whaaaack. Can I please have a coooookieeeee? Actually, I’ll take the whole paaaaack”. There’s your number one hit, Joy. I’m just saying. I fully expect a cookie song and video by 2020. I wouldn’t even be against a little name credit in the video.

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