Can We Forgive Logan Paul?

This is a story that everybody has begged me to talk about. Normally this is a music news website but every once in awhile I like to talk about other things that mean something to me. I’m sure by now you’re all aware of Logan Paul’s latest video that he has since deleted. He vlogged a man who had already taken his life in the Japanese suicide forest. He decided to go in there because he thought it would be haunted but never expected to find a dead person. He filmed up close to the body and a lot of people were mad at this decision to leave that in the video and not edit it out. It didn’t help that he was laughing during this but some people think it could have been his reaction to something so traumatic, as we all would react in different ways if this happened to us.

When I first saw the video I was furious at everything about it. He could have not only edited out the man but he could have edited out his laughing and joking. It seemed really weird that he would leave all that in. A combination of all those things made it seem like he gave no fucks at all about depression, suicide, or the man in that video. I even sent an angry tweet to Youtube saying I know they won’t delete his account because they are the most biased company in the world. As long as Logan is making them money he can murder on a vlog and his account will not be deleted while small channels will get deleted for having an opinion on anything. That was based off the fact that I used to have about 1’000 subscribers on Youtube and it got to a point where all my videos were getting flagged, demonetized, or taken down for no reason at all. It could have been a comedy skit or an inspirational video and it would be taken down or demonetized. It’s why I quit Youtube and deleted that channel. It’s still happening to thousands of little channels and they can’t do a thing about it because they have nobody to help them fight it.

After I had time to cool off I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to have anyone’s channel taken down because taking away someone’s freedom of speech is something I try not to believe in. Even if it is somebody who is always making bad decisions and saying stupid things. If Youtube starts deleting channels just because people don’t agree with that person’s decisions it opens pandora’s box for accounts to get deleted just because they have a lot of trolls flagging their videos over an opinion on that Youtuber not liking Mustard on their hot dogs. Thank you to Jenna Marbles for teaching me that one day when I used to want to get channels taken down for reasons like a Logan Paul who shows dead bodies on their vlog. It’s why I love her. She’s a smart lady.

Logan has since made an apology video and I will give credit where credit is due. He did seem really genuine in that video and I hope that he will use this as a learning tool to be more mindful of the content he puts out. He has millions of people who look up to him. A lot of them young kids. I don’t expect him to start making family friendly gospel videos but I hope he learns that the things he does and says will affect a lot of people. I want to see Logan succeed by being someone that people just want to entertain them. You can be crazy. Fuck I was the craziest Youtuber on the website. I would say the craziest things. Punch walls. Run down the street in my underwear. But I never did anything that I knew would offend people because I just wanted people to be entertained. I never needed to stoop low just to get views. I would rather have 0 views on my video than sell my soul for money. I’m still that way on this website. I love doing what I want and earning respect from people. It’s why the most popular bands in the world follow me on Twitter. They respect what I do. I can say fuck cause I don’t have a boss to tell me what to write. I also don’t lie like every other news website in the world. People trust me and like what I do. I’m original. I’m fair when I write about other people. I don’t clickbait. I don’t twist facts. I don’t edit out quotes from musicians to make them look like idiots. I’m honest and I’m fair when criticizing people. That’s what I want Jake Paul to be. He can be himself. Just don’t step on people to get to the top. Earn respect not money.

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