Vice Seems Like The Worst Company To Work For

Before we get started I just wanna apologize for the lack of content lately. I’ve been sick for about two weeks and finally getting over it. I also want to point out that usually this is a music news website but I really wanted to talk about this. Although this is somewhat music related so I’m counting it.

A few days ago it was reported that Vice has a long history of sexual harassment towards their female employees. I can go into great detail but instead I’ll give you a link¬†

Somehow, for fun, I was looking into what it would take to be a writer for Vice. Not because I wanted to write for them but I know how scummy these big companies are. I used to work for big companies. That’s why I went off to do my own thing. I was curious to see what their rules were. I ended up coming across this article and just the title alone says it all. ‘NEVER PITCH ANY OF THESE IDEAS TO US AGAIN” doucheness at its finest my friends.¬†

While I was reading it I can understand some of their rules. Basically nothing pornographic or violent. Fair rules most companies would have. But the one rule that bothered me the most was the rule about writers not being allowed to interview “Up-And-Coming” musicians that are also their friends. I happen to be friends with some of the most popular bands in the world. Does that mean I can’t talk about the people I’m proud of? What about Halocene who I’ve watched go from indie musicians with a small fanbase to winning a show hosted by Ludacris and FloRida. Halocene. A band who won, I think, $10’000 on that show to go towards their home studio. It was because of Halocene that I came back to this website because they showed me not to give up something I loved when it seemed like I was going nowhere. I’ve seen them interact with their fans for over 10 years because they actually give a fuck about the people who support them. I can’t write awesome stories like that just because I’m friends with them? I can’t interview my own friends and let their stories be heard? Their hard work? Their dedication? Their sacrifices? “Up-And-Coming” bands can mean just about anything. Everybody has their own definition of what up-and-coming is.

No. I’ll tell you the real reason Vice made that a rule. They don’t expect little guys like me to know “people of importance”. They expect us to go to our friends garages and interview them in mom’s basement. They don’t want that. If you’re not on the level of a Foo Fighters you can fuck off basically. That pisses me off. It is because of musicians in their mom’s basement that I got to discover a whole amazing world of people not in the spotlight. People not given a chance like an Avril Lavigne or a Mariah Carey. If it wasn’t for little Timmy in his mom’s basement with his passion for music we wouldn’t have this generation of amazing talent on Youtube. Hell…take a band like Terabrite. I love Terabrite. Huge fan. The lead singer has stage fright. Back in the day you would have laughed at the idea of a singer having stage fright. Nowadays, thanks to the internet that is okay. They still made a name for themselves staying at home.

With Vice, you have to walk on egg shells to work for them. This is why I hate most big companies. They have a 10 page long list of rules that you can’t break if you want to work for them. My only rule is have fun. I hired a writer before for this website and I told her the same thing. I’ll pay you and just write about the music/bands you enjoy. I ain’t got no rules. I don’t give a fuck about proper grammar/punctuation cause hell I’m not perfect at it. As long as you don’t write like a 3 year old and people can read it then I’m cool with it.

Vice seems like a stupid company. Which is a shame cause I know some of the guys who work there and they’re the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker are some awesome dudes.

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