Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) Is A Future Star

Danielle is probably one of the most controversial people on the internet. Ever since her appearance on the Dr. Phil show her catchphrase “cash me outside” has been a meme all over social media. While that trend has been somewhat forgotten about (as all internet trends do) Danielle continues her singing career and is still in the public eye. Some people like her. Others hate her. I feel like I’m the only news source on the internet who tells it like it is. I don’t suck up to the corporate bosses. I speak my mind whether my opinion is popular or not. Let me start from the beginning of Danielle’s rise to fame.

Danielle was on the Dr. Phil show for being kind of a troublemaker. She has a criminal record and I believe currently is on 5 year probation. While I will point out that Dr. Phil’s editing and tactics did nothing to help Danielle look any better. Danielle does lose her temper quite easily and it causes her to do things that she probably shouldn’t be doing at her age. She has even committed grand theft auto. As time went on I discovered that Danielle was also a singer. Going by the name bhad Bhabie. She is incredibly talented and I say that as somebody who scouts talent for a living. I’m not afraid to admit I enjoy her music.

I decided to look up some of her interviews with other media outlets because I wanted to learn more about her. The first thing I noticed is that she is hilarious. In almost every interview I’ve seen of her she makes me crack up laughing. She’s also talked about a lot of inspirational things. Trying to send some positive messages out there and at the same time taking jabs at the people interviewing her. In a lighthearted way. I understood that Danielle is not the monster that people made her out to be. She’s a kid who may have some issues but people forget that she’s a kid. She gets really passionate about her music and I feel like a million Dr. Phil’s can talk to her and it won’t do a thing to help. If anything is going to be Danielle’s “therapy” it’s her music. She will grow and learn. Her music will help her through hard times in her life.

I like Danielle. She’s a good kid with a good heart. Behind all the awful media stories we see of her. She’s made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes as we all do. Who among us is perfect? You think I didn’t punch a few people in the face when I was Danielle’s age? When you’re in a public spotlight at 14 years old it’s tough to keep your cool when you have millions of people judging you every day for every single thing that you do. Even her father told her she needs to stay away from the toxic LA lifestyle. It’s almost like a Lindsay Lohan situation. It’s easy for us to judge from the outside looking in but none of us will understand what is going on in Danielle’s mind. She has a lot of potential. Not just in music but to really be an influence for so many people. I want her to succeed. I want her to be happy. I’ll be rooting for her and I’m excited to see her at her best. She better not let me down because I hate seeing talent go to waste!

FYI: Danielle gave her mom $65’000 for Christmas this year to pay off her mortgage debt.

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