The Sunniest Musician In The World

I always talk about different artists but it always means so much more to me when I get to talk about people that I’ve personally gotten to know as individuals. Sunny Tingler (Sunny Meadow) is someone that I discovered on Younow. Not even for her music. It was just a random girl that I enjoyed watching via her broadcast streams. Just talking to us and hanging out. I always love going on Younow and talking to people. Sunny was just another face in the crowd to me at that time. But her personality was so infectious to me. I could tell she was a sweet kid with a good heart. We started talking in her stream chats. I tried to catch every one of them cause I enjoyed talking to her.

it wasn’t until a month after I discovered her that she brought out her guitar and started singing. It was so beautiful and I was blown away by not only her voice but her passion behind it. I could tell she wasn’t singing for us but because she enjoys singing. She was always singing songs on the radio during her streams but I never thought much of it. We all do it. it wasn’t until she brought out her guitar and put the spotlight on the fact that she was actually a musician that I understood her as a musician. She was a lot like me. Just living and breathing music with a love and passion for it. She sings for her before anyone else and that’s what I want in every musician. Not in a selfish way but you shouldn’t force yourself to sing to make others happy if you’re not happy doing it yourself.

About 2 months ago she stopped streaming and I didn’t think about it until today and asked myself what happened to her. I thought maybe I unfollowed her by accident but it turns out she just hasn’t been streaming. She doesn’t really use social media at all. All her accounts are either rarely used or haven’t been used in years. Younow was the only place I could interact with her. I don’t say this about a lot of people but I truly miss her and I feel like the world is missing out on a hidden gem.

I’ve worked with musicians and I’ve hung out with musicians my entire life. I know talent when I see it. It’s why I’ve promoted musicians who started out with no fanbase or a small one. I’ve seen many people sing their hearts out on Youtube and while some of them are decent singers it’s not often I say they could legit be a big name. Sunny Tingler is a hidden gem to me. One of those people that you don’t find very often. Sunny once told me that she didn’t post any of her music online except for those 2 Youtube videos from a year ago. I think she should and it’s a missed opportunity. The people who have heard her music all enjoy it.

I have no idea where you are, Sunny. Or if you’ll ever read this but I miss talking to you. I miss catching your livestreams. You’ve always been someone who follows their heart and I hope you continue to do so.

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