Hold On Till May…Or Till Mike Fuentes Stops Having Sex With Kids

Just the title of this article alone is gonna get as real as it gets. I’ve never been one to hold my tongue when it comes to exposing the idiots of the world. It’s why people respect what I do compared to every other news website out there. Honesty is never something I’ve lacked and today i feel like ranting and I hope you all put your seat belts on because I’m going into overdrive and I feel like driving through some brick walls.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s when musicians take advantage of their fanbase for their own sexual fantasies. More specifically people under age who are not legally old enough to consent. I’ve been around the music business my entire life. I’ve seen it all. I honestly was not shocked when I heard about this. Disappointed? Sure. But I’m never surprised anymore when these things happen because it happens so often. The problem is a lot of times the music industry/labels try and sweep it under the rug. “We can’t hurt these musicians careers now can we? That wouldn’t be cool! That girl that was sexually assaulted? Who the fuck cares, right? We can’t hurt the baaand maaaan! We gotta make that money!”

I don’t know what’s worse. These scumbag musicians? The corporate suits who protect them? Or the fans who support these people. Here is a direct quote from a fan of the band.

“When i was sixteen my guy was 21 and technically it was illegal because i wasn’t the age of consent, but i still consented and so did she. She consented, she knew how old he was and if his age bothered her than she had the option not to do it with him. He didn’t rape her so i don’t understand why this is even an issue for them.”

So…with that logic if you’re an adult you can have sex with anyone of any age. 16 or even 5 years old. As long as they say yes, right? Get the fuck outta here. Even if this girl intentionally kept every photo and every text they ever had with the sole purpose of ruining his career that’s her right. It doesn’t make this situation any better or worse. The fact is it was not okay for him to do what he did. People just want to find any way to defend this band or any musician they love even though they do something illegal. I feel like I’m the only one with a brain surrounded by a sea of mindless sheep.

I used to be a big fan of the band Puddle Of Mudd. For most of my childhood they were my favorite band. I bought every album. Went to their shows. Bought their merch. Until I grew up and realized Wes is a piece of shit who gives no fucks at all about his fans. He basically spits in their faces every single day and you have people who still support them. I refuse to support any band who has no respect for authority, their fans, or the music business. I don’t care how talented you are. I don’t care how popular you are. I don’t care how much money you have. At the end of the day a scumbag is a scumbag. I will not give you MY hard earned when you’re a scumbag. I’d much rather hop onto Youtube or Bandcamp and support the smaller indie artists who give their blood, sweat, and tears for every single fan they have. Reading every fan comment and responding to every single person who supports them. Thanking every single person who supports them.

I take stories like this personally because I’ve lived and breathed this business since I was a little boy. Almost every friend I had was a musician. I went to every concert I could in my city to check out new bands. I would go every week to the music store and buy random cd’s from artists I’ve never even heard of just so I could discover more music. I’ve hung out with musicians. I hosted a podcast where I interviewed musicians. I started a news website where I wrote about the latest news and still continued to interview musicians and promote the people who are just starting out in the business so they can get some exposure. Even if my audience is small. I respect the business and I hate when I see musicians being nothing but disrespectful morons.

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