Why You Should Check Out First To Eleven!

About a month ago I was watching a livestream that another band, Halocene, was doing and they were mentioning a collab song they were working on with Terabrite and First To Eleven. I knew of Terabrite but not First To Eleven so I decided to hop onto the Youtube machine and give them a listen. I remembered that Halocene mentioned the lead singer was 13. When I was listening to First To Eleven’s cover of “Silence” I could not believe Audra was 13. My mouth actually dropped because I could not believe the voice I was listening to. As a music news writer and lover I’ve seen musicians starts their careers on Youtube at all ages. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Before writing I hosted a podcast where I interviewed musicians.

Normally when I listen to a band that involves young musicians I can tell. When I was listening to First To Eleven it was almost like I was listening to a Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato. Audra just has that professional veteran sound to her that I don’t hear very often from somebody so young. When I get goosebumps just listening to your music I feel like it’s the highest compliment I can give a band because I don’t say that about just anybody. The first thing I noticed about First To Eleven is that they’re having fun. I can see it in their videos. I can hear it in the way Audra sings. That’s what I love about this generation of musicians who use Youtube to get their name out there. They’re just having fun. They have no corporate suits telling them how to sing or what to wear. They get to do what they want how they want. I can often tell when musicians phone it in and it breaks my heart every time.

Having shared the stage with many top musicians (including NonPoint who I fucking love!), First To Eleven has already done some amazing things and has a long full career ahead of them. In 2015, they won an award in the rock band category at the Rock Erie Music Awards and then got invited to play at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’m pretty sure when I was 13 I was still wetting my bed. Telling my friends I’m touring the world with my band sounds way cooler.

check out First To Eleven by going to http://firsttoeleven.com/



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