Noel Gallagher Is Wrong About Women In The Music Business Being Treated Fairly

Noel Gallagher, of Oasis, recently came out and stated that women are treated better in the music industry than in the film industry and I had to speak out about the stupidity if these comments. He was referring to sexual assault and harassment. I know so many female artists who I’ve met and interviewed who would be glad to tell you otherwise. The fact that this story came from someone who was in the music business for over 20 years is outstanding to me. What this shows me more than anything is that there is still a disconnect with people who grew up in the business long ago and don’t fully understand the new era of independent artists and how much the business has changed because of it. It’s much easier for music labels to take advantage of women because the idea of “sex sells” has unfortunately proven to work.

There are stories all the time about female musicians coming out and saying they had to change everything they were because the labels wanted them to be sexier and show off their body. What about the Kesha/Dr. Luke incident? BBC did an entire report of people with power in the music business taking advantage of musicians. There’s a band called Icon For Hire who I’m a big fan of who got out of their label because the lead singer (who is female) was wanted to be something she is not. The label then tried to take all their money from them and leave them broke and almost homeless. They left that label and did their own thing and are way happier just being themselves now. This kind of thing happens all the time and I’ve been around the business long enough to see it happen.

Female musicians are just told to show off their breasts. To have sex. To look pretty. It should be about the music and what they can do but it’s not. In any business women should be treated equally. This is not me just saying that so everyone can agree with me. This is how I feel. This is their right. They are women doing their jobs. Doing what they love. It should be about their talents. What they can bring to the business. For any person in a position of authority and power to abuse women and then tell them they’ll never make it big if they don’t have sex with you is incredibly wrong on every level. Stop treating them as sex objects and shut your fucking mouth. And the “fans” that only want these females to get naked are just as bad as the labels and business suits. I hear all your sexists comments when I’m at concerts. I read all your sexists comments on social media. As someone who has always tried to promote bands on their TALENTS it makes me angry everytime I see shit like that happen. Listen to the music and grow the fuck up.


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