How Jenna Marbles Made A Big Impact On My 2017 And My Life

Normally this is a music news website but every once in awhile I like to talk about other things that mean something to me. With 2017 coming to an end I thought about what made 2017 a good year for me. More specifically who made it good for me. Jenna Marbles was the person who inspired me to do so much this year and I wanted to talk about my personal experience as to why.

Once upon a time I came across Jenna’s channel when she was fairly new and I couldn’t stand her. She was always talking about her looks all the time and swearing every 5 seconds. She seemed like she had a big chip on her shoulder and I didn’t like people like that. My impression of her was that she thought she was better than others. I’m not saying that’s how she was. I’m saying that’s how she came across to me with the few videos I watched of her. Overtime I kinda forgot she existed and a few years ago one of my friends recommended I watch her videos and I was like “Oh…I kinda remember her. No thank you.” but after hours of convincing me I decided to give it another go. It was her video of when she first got peach. That was her latest video at that time and it was nothing like how I remembered her. She was quiet and soft spoken. She wasn’t yelling or swearing. She wasn’t talking about her looks. She was just being herself. I appreciated that. Ever since then I’ve seen such a change in her content. She started to just be more of herself and not just making videos to make others happy. She also didn’t have that chip on her shoulder anymore.

Jenna has also admitted to her change in attitude so I’m happy knowing it wasn’t just me unfairly judging her. I enjoy her content but more than anything I’m proud of how far she’s come as a person. If you go back and watch her really old videos it’s like night and day. It’s not even the same person. I know people change as they get older and learn more about themselves but for me to see it happen to someone is just a really bizarre feeling and it’s pretty awesome. I ended up being a fairly popular youtuber and one day Jenna messaged me when I asked her for advice on being a Youtuber. It meant so much to me that she took the time out of her day to message me because I know she has so many other people sending her messages every day. Even though I ended that channel and only do youtube partially it made me want to keep entertaining people and staying true to myself. That’s why I pride myself on being real and being honest with myself and you guys.

Jenna Marbles made me want to inspire people while doing things I love. Whether it’s Youtubing or Podcasting or writing for my own news website. I honestly don’t know if I would be who I am without Jenna. She helped me truly find myself and for a Youtuber to have that kind of impact on someone is such a beautiful thing that I never thought would happen to me. On behalf of myself and other people around the world who you’ve also helped more than you know…thank you Jenna 🙂

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