The Real Reason Demi Lovato’s Album Is Doing Well. Lying To Your Fans Works

There’s nothing I hate more than clickbait. Actually, this is straight up lying to your fans. If you guys have seen some of my previous posts about Demi…I supported her. I love Demi but I lost a lot of respect for her after doing this. The reason I never talked about it before is because I didn’t wanna seem like a hypocrite praising her and then bashing her in another post. However, I’ve always been the most truthful media source in the music news industry. I pride myself on not being afraid to speak the truth. So here it is…

“I’ll follow back” says Demi Lovato. About an hour after she posted this I got in on it. I bought the song within the time she gave us. I sent her the picture of my receipt and nothing. I sent it once more incase she didn’t see it because I understood she was flooded with millions of tweets. That was back in July and I have yet to receive my follow back. I am not the only one she never followed back. within the 2 hours I spent time looking at people who tweeted her and than seeing Demi’s following list and I did not see the same people who tweeted her. Meaning she never followed them. Maybe she followed a lot of them back but couldn’t get to everyone. That doesn’t excuse her saying she will follow back. If she would have said “I’ll follow some of you” that would have made her seem like less of a hypocrite. Here is just one piece of proof that she probably followed nobody.

I respect musicians who EARN their sales. Demi did not need to do this. She is an accomplished musician with a big name and a big fanbase. This is something I would expect from someone struggling who tries to use cheap tactics. The ironic thing is all the indie struggling musicians that I know and am friends with actually EARN their sales by being honest with their fans and using their TALENTS to get their name out there. Not by lying to people. I used to respect Demi but after this I can no longer do that. I’ve been around the music business a long time. AllĀ  my friends were/are in bands. I respect the business and I expect musicians to do the same. I cannot support people who lie to their fans to get sales

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