Over $2’700 Of Instruments Stolen From A Music Classroom

This is a story that really breaks my heart. Music teacher Timothy King had promised his class next week he would teach them a Selena song on guitar. However, he returned on Monday to find all of his instruments gone. 30 instruments that included guitars, ukuleles, keyboards, and even a flute that he had since he was in college. He wanted to get as many instruments as he could so his class could have more variety. Seems like an awesome teacher to me. Teachers usually have to pay for these things out of their pocket.

Two months after the incident and no arrests have been made yet. A donation helped with some of the cost but it’s still a struggle to get those things back. The school has stepped up their security to fix blind spots because nobody was seen on the surveillance entering the class at the time of the burglary. Timothy will have to spend his entire yearly budget of $1’000 to pay for new instruments as he still wants to expose his students to more variety. “I just feel like, if it was another neighborhood or if these were laptops or something or computers, it would be huge. It would be a whole different story but a couple of instruments on the Southside Of Chicago …”

Deborah Lazar ended up donating money to Timothy to help pay for 5 Ukuleles and more. King also ended up buying a dozen Ukuleles in all different colors to give the kids a rainbow selection. He was touched by the donation and happy when the kids were jumping and screaming with excited when they saw the new instruments. Hopefully more people read this story and help out these kids. I know what it’s like to have a music class with one instrument because of the budget. We all deserve a good music class with tons of options. Some of these kids will grow up to be in successful bands because they learn from an early age that playing instruments is really cool! I mean…I wouldn’t even have a website if music didn’t exist. I wouldn’t have been able to interview some of the top musicians in the world if they hadn’t picked up an instrument or started singing.

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