Dear Music Venues…Please Spell Band Names Correctly

So, I was on social media thinking about what news article to write today. I ended up coming across a year old tweet from a band called Badflower that went “Dear every music venue in America – We’re not called bad flower. Or bad-flower. Or the bad flowers.” and it immediately made me want to make a topic discussing this. I’ve been around the music industry my whole life. With friends who are/were musicians and if there is one thing I’m big on is respect. I want people to respect what these musicians do and I want musicians to have respect for others.

Even if you’ve never heard of a musician before, if you’re part of the venue crew you should make it your personal job to look into these bands and who they are. Would you have Eminem sing his songs at a 5 year old’s birthday party? “ooops…didn’t know his content!”. Every time I’ve ever been to a concert I made sure to look up every band that was playing and check out their songs so I can tell them at their concert that I enjoy what they do and talk about them on a personal level. it makes them feel like I appreciate them. I’ve told bands upfront that I never heard of them until I got my concert tickets and I looked them up online and enjoyed them. They thank me for my honesty and engage in conversation further because they respect that.

By misspelling a band’s name it shows you clearly give no fucks about the band. This will anger the more veteran artists who feel like they’ve earned respect. it will also intimidate people smaller and just starting out. It may make them feel kind of worthless and like they’re going nowhere. A thing like misspelling may not seem like a big deal to these venues but it’s incredibly telling of the lack of respect and a big dealbreaker for these bands to not want to come back to that location.

With all that being said, Badflower is an awesome band that I’ve been listening to. I love the energy these guys bring to their songs. Check out their youtube here:


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