Most Epic Taylor Swift Mashup Song Ever!

A band called Terabrite recently uploaded a mashup song of EVERY song on Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation and it blew me away. I’ve been a fan of Terabrite for almost a year now and I honestly feel like this is some of their best work to date. They clearly put a lot of effort into this rather than some musicians who just make them to get views and don’t really put much effort into it. They’re talented and super nice people. I always enjoy watching their livestreams on TERABRIIIIITE GAAAAMES!

I know sometimes Dj and Sabrina feel like they’re not growing as a brand as much as they’d like but when I look at their video views and engagement I see quite a good number of people supporting them for a band who, as far as I know, made a name for themselves on Youtube. They also have to take into consideration Youtube has cut everyone’s views and subscribers in half. Youtube also doesn’t promote like they used to. it’s so much harder to be a Youtuber in 2017. So it isn’t really anything Terabrite is or isn’t doing that is keeping them on a steady climb.

Sabrina also has stage fright so even if they got a call to tour with Taylor Swift tonight would they do it? I don’t know. Maybe they’d try their hardest to overcome it but if there might be anything holding them back from growing bigger like they want I would say it’s the stage fright. I used to be super shy in public. I know very well how scary it is. When I first started taking acting classes I would turn red like a tomato and start shaking. You wouldn’t believe how embarrassing it was with people watching me looking like I was literally having a panic attack. But eventually I got to overcome it. Hopefully Sabrina can do the same. They are still very young people with a whole career ahead of them. They have a long ways to go and many more people to believe in them like I do.


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