Macklemore’s Gemini Drops Friday

In February 2016 Macklemore released an album titled This Unruly Mess I’ve made. Now, just over a year and a half later, he’s set to release Gemini on September 22. It’s his first solo album in 12 years and will include 16 tracks with various featured artists.

His motivation for the album was simply the desire to make music. As discussed in this promotional video, the goal was to go into the studio every day and make at least one song. Regardless of whether everyone working on the project thought it was good or not, they’d return the next day to work on a brand new track. The point of this was to “get back to the basics”, as Macklemore says, and to truly enjoy creating art.

That being said, the songs will not promote as much of a political and social critique that we’ve heard in the past. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Macklemore discussed his decision to move away from heavy material, his reason being that he mainly wanted to have fun and make music that he’d want to get into the car and listen to.

Two singles from the album have already dropped and are titled “Glorious” (ft. Skylar Grey) and “Marmalade” (ft. Lil Yachty). Both songs are lighthearted and make me want to dance, so I imagine you will too.

The songs also have accompanying music videos. The one for “Glorious” chronicles Macklemore surprising his grandmother on for her 100th birthday and all of their subsequent antics. The video for “Marmalade” follows young doppelgangers of Macklemore and Lil Yachty as they paint the town red and conduct a business deal with Marshawn Lynch.

It looks like we’ll have another single, tomorrow. As I was writing this, Macklemore posted a tweet which appears to show cover art for a new song called “Good Old Days”.


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