Selena Gomez Feels Good After Kidney Transplant

Since 2015, Selena Gomez has told us about her struggle with Lupus. She struggled with depression and anxiety because of it. I’ve always loved and admired Selena as a musician and a person. Actress Francia Rasia was willing to donate her kidney and Selena is forever grateful. She has stated that she needed this done for her health. “She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me”. Lupus Was the reason Selena has been silent in promoting her music last year.

I’m glad the surgery went well and Selena is doing well in recovery. Huge respect to Francia for stepping up and changing someone’s life in a big way. I think if most of us were in that situation we would probably be too scared to donate a kidney. It’s always nice when people step up and are willing to donate their kidney to someone who really needs it.

After Selena mentioned the Lupus Research Alliance in her Facebook post people donated around $500,000 to the charity. Selena has supported the charity for awhile now. Donating a portion of her ticket sales from her last tour. The musician is currently working on a film and I’m sure will be returning to the studio to finish her album very soon. Francia has admitted this experience not only changed Selena’s life but her life as well. She also is encouraging people to educate themselves on Lupus and help donate if they can.

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