Neck Deep “The Peace And The Panic” Album Review

Release date: 18 August 2017 
Record label: Hopeless Records 
Rating: 3/5
Arguably the biggest current name in pop punk are back at it with their latest studio release, The Peace And The Panic. The band have had a rollercoaster 2 years after their 2015 release Life’s Not Out To Get You jump started their career in mainstream music and from the looks of things, this is just the beginning. 
The album is pretty much exactly what was expected. Early 2000s style skater pop punk with a catchy chorus and up beat melody and a few more relaxed tunes to keep the balance (Wish You Were Here and 19 Seventy Something). However it lived up to they hype that was built up around it. The album has a very emotional theme which is especially shown in the stand out single In Bloom. In an interview with, Ben Barlow (frontman) said “Over the two years we’ve toured that record (Life’s Not Out To Get You, 2015) , so much has happened that I’ve re-evaluated what life is about and questioned whether just having a positive outlook is enough.” This emotional theme is a reoccurring factor in the bands album however this album shows it in a much more mature way as the band get older and develop their sound. 
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