New Rock Band Dubé Has A Bright Future

As a music news website, I’m always on the hunt for new artists. Today I came across a rock band called Dubé and I was pleasantly surprised. There isn’t much info on the band as their twitter link leads to their song “Pretty Girls On Bikes” which is on Spotify. Maybe they have a website somewhere but if you guys know me I don’t really like to research things because I like to keep my organic thoughts on musicians instead of copying and pasting things.

I have to assume that this song is their first one online. Probably not their first song ever as this one seemed way too polished to be a first EVER song. For a first song on Spotify it was really good. Normally first posted songs aren’t so hot but I don’t expect them to be. Growing and learning is the best part of being a musician. You always want to learn and evolve. “Pretty Girls On Bikes” reminded me of the grunge music I loved when I was a kid. I kind of hope they continue to grow on the grunge sound because I would love to hear a modern day grunge style. Typically, bands who start out as grunge expand into different styles of music and lose their grunge sound. The only band I can think of who kept their grunge sound is Puddle Of Mudd but right now Wes is too drunk to even remember who he is.

Dubé is also from my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I’m always proud of homegrown talent. I met one of my old friends Ashley Crnic at a concert she once did for Canada Day and we became friends on social media since. Although, I lost contact with her after deleting my old Facebook since I hated using it. My sister is also friends with a pretty popular boy pop band here in Ottawa called Keek. I haven’t bothered to keep up with them because it’s not really my type of music. If I told my metal/rock music friends I listened to boy bands I’m pretty sure they’d beat me up faster than Mickey Gall beat up CM Punk.

I’m excited to see what Dubé does next and I’m definitely going to keep my eye on them

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