Look What Taylor Swift Made Us Do

For the last 24 hours my timeline has been flooded by people telling me to check out Taylor Swift’s new song. I finally gave in and highly enjoyed the song. It was catchy and….Swift! ha ha ha….HA HA HAAAAAAAAA! Sorry. I tried calling Taylor to congratulate her but the old Taylor couldn’t come to the phone because she died. I’m not sure what the whole deal is with her “becoming a new person” but hopefully it means she’ll finally have matured into someone who isn’t so…dramatic? Psychotic? I don’t know…pick a word.

I’ve made a few articles complimenting Taylor so it’s not me throwing shade at her. I just call it like I see it. I’m the most honest news website you’ll ever see. She acts like those high school brats I hated back in high school. Nice to your face and talk behind your behind. Then her group of friends will make fun of you when you’ve had enough of their shit. Those people. Only Taylor is 27. Hopefully she’ll have learned from past experiences and actually try be a mature human.

My favorite thing is reading the comments section to the video. People are plugging other albums. One person said “I love this country music” LOL. It really is kind of odd for a musician to go from country to pop/rock. Usually it’s the other way around. I’ve normally seen artists go from pop/rock to country. I think I prefer the pop/rock Taylor by a long shot though.

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