Bonnie Tyler Singing ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ Tomorrow During The Solar Eclipse

Some songs stand the test of time. Back in 1983 Bonnie Tyler came out with this beauty of a song and it’s been a hit for all this time. It’s bigger now than it ever was. Especially on tomorrow’s historic occasion. A solar eclipse that the whole world is talking about. Bonnie Tyler will grace us with her presence by singing ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’. I honestly remember hearing the song when I was a kid because my aunt always loved the older music. Although I guess it wasn’t old to her. I didn’t really care much for that kind of music back then but now that I’m older and more mature I see how amazing this song actually is and why it’s still relevant today.

‘Holding Out For A Hero’ is my jam. The beginning of the video is scary as fuck but it’s a catchy song. Bonnie’s powerful vocals are what made her special. She’s currently 66 years old and still puts on better live shows than most young musicians. The fact that she’s still going at 66 is amazing. That goes to show you that she sang properly. Most musicians nowadays don’t think about longevity. They kill their voices by not singing properly and in 10 years they sound completely different because their voices have given out on them and they have to adjust according to what they’re able to do. People like Bonnie Tyler sing well and sing properyly. Obviously as you get older you’ll lose your voice no matter what but longevity is the key and Bonnie is 66 years old and she’s still better than 80% of this generation’s pool of musicians for live shows.

I feel like longevity nowadays is a lost art. I look at Bonnie Tyler and Blondie and Rick Astley. All of those musicians are better now 20-30 years later than they ever were. If you look at most of the more recent musicians they start sounding awful about 10 years in because their voices start giving out. They’re more worried about sounding cool and going hardcore that they don’t think about longevity.

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