Talia Mar Has A Beautiful Voice (New Music Friday Blogs)

I don’t know anything about Talia Mar but I was randomly searching Youtube for some original songs for new music friday. I came across a song called “The Voices Are Me” by Talia Mar. Which is about mental health. A topic I am very familiar with as you guys know. I usually cringe when I find out Youtubers also sing. I haven’t had much luck with Youtubers who try and sing. Rebecca Black, Jacob Sartorius. Although I will gladly admit Rebecca Black has gotten a million times better with age and I’m a fan of her music now. She’s also a super sweet kid who I’ve talked to in her livestreams every now and then. Don’t even get me started on Jake Paul. I’m tired of England being my city.

Talia Mar’s vocals are outstanding. She reminds me so much of Demi Lovato. Powerful voice that has multiple ranges. The lyrics are amazing and grasp how it really feels to live with mental illness. I’m not sure if she has it or just wanted to sing about it but I appreciate the effort that went into the lyrics. I watched a few of her videos and I’m not sure what kind of accent she has but when she sings there is no accent so I’m wondering if she took vocal lessons or just worked on singing without it.

I watched her recent vlog where she posted video of her performing on stage singing multiple songs and it sounded amazing! Seems like everyone enjoyed her and they all had a good time. Living the true life of a musician and it’s always nice to see a musician genuinely enjoy being there for the crowd. I can spot a musician from miles away if they look like they’re just there for the money or just want to hurry up and get out of there. Talia seems like a nice kid.


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