Taylor Swift Wins Lawsuit! DJ To Pay $1 For Sexual Assault

It’s official. Both the judge and the jury have ruled in favor of Taylor Swift in the 4 year trial. I try not to talk about the same story too often because I’m very anti-clickbait and it’s why I hate every other news website in the world but I talk about things when they mean something personally to me so in that sense it’s not clickbait because I’m not doing it to get views. I do it because there is an important message in this story.

We talked before about the case. The $1 counter lawsuit by Taylor is symbolic. She wanted to stand up for not only herself but for all women who have been sexually assaulted and have been too afraid to speak up or made to feel like it was their fault. Taylor had a chance to be a true role model. For the first time ever I can say that I’m really proud of her. For many years I always thought of Taylor as incredibly immature when it came to boyfriends and drama with friends of hers. She always came across to me as a diva. I just call it like I see it. I’ve always been honest.

When this story broke out I never once doubted Taylor that it happened and I even said that in my last article. Taylor may have been a lot of things but I would never accuse her of making up something as serious as sexual assault. The fact that she went about this whole situation the way that she did is incredibly inspiring and something that people should learn from.

I hope that scumbag DJ gets what he deserves. He lost his job and he deserved to lose it. The fact that he sexually assaulted Taylor and then sued her when he lost his job is fucking ridiculous. If I was a “professional” website I would say something all corporate-like but I’m Music Lover News mother fucker. I do and say as I please and I hope to God this guy never gets another job. Anywhere. I hope he ends up homeless and broke because nobody will want to hire him. This whole situation isn’t “a little thing that he can learn from and grow from”. He fucking sexually assaulted a girl and then sued her because he lost his job and it was “her fault”. Go fuck yourself Mr. DJ.

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