How This Boy Became A Celebrity Overnight Thanks To Jenna marbles

I know I’m a music website but if you guys know me I like to, once in awhile, talk about other things that are really important to me. This is one of those times. Jenna Marbles has been one of my inspirations for a long time. Especially when I used to be a Youtuber and she was nice enough to give me some advice.

I always see Youtubers causing drama and sending all their fans to attack other people. It’s nice when I see a Youtuber and their fans help someone together. Collectively. In one night they changed a certain kid’s life forever.

In a recent video, Jenna Marbles reacted to random things she searched on Google. She came across a boy’s Youtube channel. Esto1121 and she could not stop laughing. Nor could any of us who watched that video. A boy, who I believe was 12 at the time, made comedy videos. He edited them all. Scripted them all. Promoted himself. He was a legend. We couldn’t help notice that not only did this kid have hardly any views but all of his videos had 75% dislikes and hate comments. We could not understand why. To be honest, I was a fairly popular Youtuber with a good fanbase and this kid was infinitely more talented than me. I was fucking 25 years old when I made Youtube videos and this kid was way more talented than me. Esto1121 put so much effort into every video. Unfortunately, he stopped making videos 4 years ago and disappeared off the planet. Jenna and Julien offered him to join them on their podcast because they NEEDED him back on the internet.

Esto1121 went from 600 subscribers to over 65’000 as of this moment and all those dislikes have disappeared thanks to Jenna’s amazing fanbase. This kid has so much talent and it’s a shame he stopped making videos. The Jenna fan ninjas started their search for Esto AKA Eric. He seemingly was nowhere to be found. His Instagram was private. His Facebook hadn’t been touched since 2016. His Twitter only has 2 Tweets ever from years ago. Where was this kid? Apparently, Eric’s friends found out about this and told his mom. Eric’s MOM ended up making a video proving that she was indeed his mom and explained Eric went off the grid for about a week cause he’s in Colorado climbing mountains or some shit like without his phone or any technology. Now everyone is waiting for the moment Eric comes back from his vacation to see he’s become a celebrity overnight.

Jenna does know about his mom and I’m sure she contacted her via DM messages so they can work on getting Eric on the podcast. I’m sure he lost his passion years ago when nobody gave a fuck about his videos and only went on them to dislike and send hate comments but I’m hoping his new fame will bring back that passion he had for making videos and entertaining people. He now has a wonderful chance of a lifetime to MAKE A LIVING doing something I know he loves. Nobody who is that talented and funny ever loses that passion. It will always be there. Hopefully this will bring him back to Youtube. I look forward to telling people I was there for his whole journey on Youtube.

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