Man Sexually Assaults Taylor Swift Then Sues Her

Yes, you read this headline correctly. I’m not even going to say this guy’s name because he does not deserve the publicity. But at one of Taylor’s concerts this certain DJ took it upon himself to grab Taylor’s ass underneath her skirt. And you have the fucking goons out there who say “well….it’s not sexual assault unless she was raped”. Are you fucking kidding me!? These are the people who support Donald Trump and have no education. “duuuuuh….I voted for Trump because I like his uuuuuuuuuuugh….haiiiiiiiiiir!”. This guy who SEXUALLY ASSAULTED Taylor Swift is now suing her because he lost his job due to all of this.

Taylor Swift countersued for $1. A single dollar. To basically make an example out of this guy for all the women who have been sexually assaulted and have been too afraid to speak up or made to feel like it was their fault. I swear to god I remember reading a story awhile back. I wish I could remember the details but this woman was raped by a man and she’s the one who ended up going to jail for a few years because of it. This is our justice system. A woman is raped and it’s her fault so she gets jail time while the fucking retard who did it gets off free as if he was a little child who forgot to put his toys away “oh…little Timmy. don’t do that again alright.” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? Why is the justice system protecting these people!? I don’t understand. I feel like I’m all alone in a sea of non-educated people.

Kesha has had to deal with the same thing for many years. Nobody wanted to believe her. Just like people aren’t believing Taylor but I’ll never come on here and say they’re lying because unlike every other news site in the world I only do facts. Unless there is 100% concrete proof that these women are lying I’m not gonna come on here and question them. By the way, this DJ made up a bunch of different excuses on whether it happened or not so clearly this guy is a fucking liar. If you’re telling the truth you’re not gonna say 5 different things and keep backtracking. “oh it never happened. I never touched her.” “oh well maaaaybe I did it by accident while trying to take a photo”. How do you accidentally squeeze someone’s ass? I’ve taken plenty of photos with female friends and not once have I ever said “oops, sorry I didn’t mean to squeeze your ass”


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