Kristin Rose’s Rise From Prank Call Co-Host To Singer

I’ve been fortunate enough to have followed Kristin Rose’s career for a long time. I don’t know every single detail about Kristin and as my viewers know I don’t like to research people because I speak from my heart and I give my honest thoughts. Kristin used to be a co-host on a youtube prank call show called Friday Night Cranks. She started that show at a very young age with her cousin Jared. She must have been around 10 years old. I loved watching it every Friday. I never watched cable so Kristin and Jared were really my cable. Every friday I grabbed snacks and drinks and watched them for 2 hours. When she got older she left that show for personal reasons. Mostly because she wanted to focus on her music career. She has always had a passion for music and I believe she started off as a drummer and started singing a little bit later but she’s always wanted to do a bit of everything. Including guitar and sing.

I know Kristin has had trouble with depression in the past and that’s something that I can relate too because my mental illness kicks my ass every single day. It’s tough to tell ourselves to stay positive but when you finally have something you can hold onto it’s so worth it. I can see that music has definitely helped Kristin. In that regards, her and I are a lot alike. I’ve had a passion for music my entire life. It’s why I started this website 3 months ago. It’s helped me through depression and anxiety. It’s a release and this website has helped me gain attention from the biggest musicians in the world which I never thought was possible. Music has saved my life in a way. So I know how much music can mean to someone. Listening to Kristin’s songs over the years I can tell she works hard and she puts great meaning into every song because they mean a lot to her. It’s therapy.

I never really thought about it because I didn’t constantly follow Kristin this entire time. I’ve basically popped in here and there to see what she’s been up to but it’s almost hard to believe how long I’ve been a fan of hers. I even remember when she first came out as gay. I was so proud of her. It’s hard sometimes. Even though we’ve become more accepting of gay people it’s still not an easy thing to come out and say sometimes. There will always be those people who think less of you. Kristin surrounds herself with people who support her and it makes it easier. I’ve noticed that most of the people who follow her now are the same people who’ve stood by her for years since she was on FNC. She made sure to keep those who she trusts around her and that’s really the best thing to do.

Recently, Kristin released her album “Letting Go”. Something she has worked on for years. She had an album release show and everything. It’s awesome to see a good kid living out her dreams. These are the stories I enjoy writing about. Keep smiling, Kristin!

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