Media Needs To Leave Paris Jackson Alone!

There’s a reason I call myself the anti-news website. Because I fucking hate news websites. Yes, I know. That’s ironic because I AM a news website. Sure, but I’ve always prided myself on not being like every other news website. I don’t clickbait. I don’t lie. I don’t spread false news. I don’t misquote other people to make them look bad. I pride myself on having respect for other people. This article on Paris Jackson is something I’ve been wanting to write for a long time. I know this is supposed to be a music news site but since she’s the daughter of one of the greatest singers of all time I’ll let it slide. Also, it’s my website and I do whatever the fuck I want.

Paris Jackson is someone I admire for so many reasons. She’s a beautiful and sweet kid who’s just trying to live her life. She’s not out to hurt anyone. The only reason she’s in the spotlight and media harasses her is because of who her father is. She’s lived an incredibly tough life. Being told her father is a molester by so many people in the media and online. As well as being sexually assaulted when she was 14. On top of all that the media is constantly making up stories about her and her dad still to this day. Why do they do that? To get views. To make money. That is why I hate the media. Paris tried to commit suicide a few times because of all these things building up. But the fact that she’s still here shows me how incredibly strong she is. I look at her tweets and she seems like she’s a no bullshit kind of person. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is. I respect that so much. That’s the way I am and I feel like it’s my best quality.

Recently posted an article on Paris Jackson and Macaulay Culkin about their matching spoon tattoos. Throwing out theories and ideas about what they could mean. How it can represent a chronic struggle. Are you fucking kidding me? This is why I can’t respect these media goons! They throw out bogus ideas to the world and call themselves credible. I DON’T DO THEORIES GOONS! I give facts. Paris Jackson called them out on it and I laughed.

“i love how y’alls headline is so matter of fact. neither of those “meanings” have anything to do with why we got spoons lol”

Hopefully this article will reach some people who run news websites. Instead of looking for views and money….how about you look for credibility. Leave Paris Jackson alone and stop making money off her name if you’re just gonna make things up.

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