This Singer Won’t Let Anxiety And Depression Stop Her!

I’ve always been an advocate for mental health because I have a mental illness and it’s a topic that I am passionate to speak about. I’ve been made to feel like an outsider my whole life. I was always told I didn’t belong. I was always told I would be a nobody. Yet, I was self employed with my own business and now I’m starting up a music news website that is starting to get a bit of momentum. I want to use whatever little audience I have to educate them on mental health. It’s real. It’s not made up. We fight a war every single day with ourselves just to feel “normal”.

The other day I met this really amazing girl on Twitter. Her name is Hannah Kerse and she was telling me she had anxiety and depression and I told her we could be bff’s on Twitter. She mentioned that she sings and has some videos on youtube so I wanted to promote her because I think she has a beautiful voice and I started this website to promote the little guys (and girls) who nobody ever cared about because I was always that guy. I was always that underdog who had to prove everybody wrong. I know how it feels and it’s not a good position to be in. So, I wanted to help people get noticed. Even if my audience is only a few views a day.

This video is a cover of “Mother Like Mine” from The Band Perry. Hannah is on the left while her friend Emma is on the right with the guitar. They both did amazing.

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