President Donald Trump Says Transgender People Will No Longer Be Allowed To Serve In Military

Are you fucking kidding me!? This is a story that pissed me off so much that I put aside my music news persona to write about it. So, I apologize to anyone who is looking for the usual music news but the stupidity of Donald Trump needs me to speak out about something very personal to me.

As a very vocal advocate for gender/LGBT equal rights and as someone who is very patriotic and loves America I had to speak out. I’ve always shown appreciation for the men and women who fight every single day to put their lives on the line everyday to fight for our freedom. I may live in Canada but that doesn’t mean that I give no fucks about what goes on in the world around me. Especially in America because I’ve made many good friends there and I’ve travelled there. The people there have been great to me.

Being transgender does not make you less of a person, Mr. President. Your excuse for denying transgender people the right to serve THEIR country is bullshit. Nothing more. Nothing less. “medical costs” you say? You’re trying to do what’s best for the country to save them money you say? Bullshit. The US government wipes their fucking asses with $20 bills. How about you guys stop spending money on HAMSTER CAGE FIGHTS you fucking retard. $3 million dollars DOWN THE DRAIN! But that’s okay right? That’s important right? But medical bills? WHO THE FUCK WANTS THAT!? “HEY SWEETHEART, YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE? YOU NEED MEDICAL HELP? WELL GO FUCK YOURSELF! I GOT A HAMSTER FIGHT ON TV I NEED TO WATCH!”. Can you guys believe the stupidity of Donald Trump!? Absolutely fucking disgusting. I am a proud member of the LGBT community and I will stand up for them until the day I die because I see the bullshit they have to deal with every day. Now they’re not allowed to serve in the military because of who they are? How the fuck does that make ANY SENSE!?

This is honestly on the level of when Youtube banned/blocked LGBT accounts. At that time I had a youtube channel to rant on and it made front page on Youtube because my rants were always legendary. Because I speak the truth. I’m tired of businesses/companies/governments literally commiting hate crimes and covering it up with bullshit excuses trying to justify it. Donald Trump is everything wrong with humanity. You have people defending every decison he makes. I don’t get it. I look forward to when America finally gets a new President.

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