Justin Bieber Backs Out Of Purpose Tour

I’m just gonna come right out and say that my hatred for Justin Bieber runs deep. And I can already hear the internet trolls getting their keyboards ready. “you’re just jealous of his fame and money!!!!”. Listen, I’ve interviewed and made good friends with the most popular musicians in the world. We all get along. They follow me on Twitter. I don’t pick fights for no reason. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a nice guy but I don’t bullshit my viewers. That’s why I call myself the anti-news website because I don’t kiss ass just to get people to like me. Like every other news website out there. I don’t clickbait. I don’t drag a band’s name through the dirt just to get clicks. I respect those who respect the business and the fans. I’ve never had a problem calling people out for disrespecting myself or others. Justin Bieber has proven to be nothing more than a disrespectful punk. And I’m sick and tired of people saying “well….he donates so much money to charities how can he be a bad guy!?”. Okay. So if I go on a murdering spree, steal money from a bank, and donate that money to a charity does that still make me a good guy? I know Justin Bieber never went that far but that’s the logic people are giving me. “It’s okay what he did because he donated a million dollars to a charity”. Get your priorities straight.

However, pushing my personal thoughs about Bieber aside I can’t say that I fault him for cancelling his recent tour until we get official word on WHY he did. Nothing has been said except that Justin made this decision on his own. He could be hit with a ton of penalties for cancelling these dates without a medical reason. My thoughts right now is that it could POSSIBLY be him just being burned out. Until we get official word on what is going on I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because I’ve been around the music industry my entire life. I know how tough it is. Most musicians I know would work through the tired and pain to give the fans everything they have but maybe Justin Bieber is tired of faking it. If I said the life of a musician was sunshine and rainbows I’d be a liar. You have to be 100% dedicated to what you do but Justin has proven many times he is not 100% dedicated to music. It’s not even a business to him it’s just something he does because it’s the easiest thing for him to do while making a truckload of money. This is how he comes across to me and I’m sure millions of other people in the world.

I don’t know if there is a serious medical reason going on. All I can say is I want to think Justin has a valid reason for disappointing a lot of fans who wanted to see him perform. As of right now he has not issued a statement about why he did it. Only his reps have responded and to me that comes across as him not giving a fuck. Even if you don’t go on social media often at least fucking apologize for cancelling the tour. I can’t tell you how many times bands that I’m close with have to cancel a tour and they go as far as to not only post on social media to apologize and explain but they also make a video saying they’ll make it up to the fans. Those are the musicians I respect. because I know shit happens. Tour busses break down, safety/medical reasons happen. I get it. But getting your reps to just say “it is what it is”….that’s kinda fucked up. You can’t tell me you’re too popular to speak to your fans. Bullshit. I’ve made friends with popular musicians and I 100% guarantee you none of them would cancel a tour without explaining.

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