Metal Band Dreamers Crime Is Coming For You!

Here is a band that I discovered through a music crate box that I got from Crate Joy. You pay a monthly subscription and they send you random cd’s every month based on the type of genre you choose. I’ve heard of a few really good bands that I will keep an eye out for and write about in the future but Dreamers Crime was my favorite band on those albums. I’ve always been a rock/metal guy my whole life so I naturally gravitate towards the heavier music.

My first thought when I heard Dreamers Crime is they sound a lot like if Puddle Of Mudd were metal. Dreamers Crime have that grunge-like sound to them but they are very much metal. Their lyrics are great, the intrumentals remind me of a younger Bullet For My Valentine (during The Poison days). They have those solos that make me wanna buy a guitar and jam to their songs. They are currently waiting to release a new album which is still available to pre-order. There are 8 days left and you can get cool rewards here and they also love WWE so we’re already bff’s cause I’m a lifelong WWE fan. Who can deny AJ Styles has the best hair in all of wrestling.

I’m just wondering how these guys are getting all that money. I’m looking at how much they’ve spent on production and other stuff for the album and damn. Did they just save up for a long time or are they secretly CIA agents!? Pretty sure if I started up a new band with my buddies we’d have to look under couches for nickles and dimes before we couild buy a used guitar with 2 working strings.

You can check out Dreamers Crime’s music here


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